Slumming it in Nairobi: Liverpool musicians aim to make a difference


Twenty six per cent of Nairobi’s primary school children can’t afford to attend school so they turn to scavenging, begging or crime. Others take up drugs to forget the misery and hunger. Voluntary organisation the Mukuru Project is aiming for change and this Friday Liverpool bands come together at the Picket in aid of the Mukuru Slums of Nairobi…

Inspired by the Mukuru Project Liverpool, the cream of the City’s artists will gather to celebrate the second annual charity concert.
Mukuru Project Liverpool, featuring Jewel Thief, JaJuka, Fountains, Dirtblonde and more, will head up the Picket gig dedicated to supporting the poor, sick and the disadvantaged Kenyans living in the Mukuru Slums of Nairobi.
Jim Seed, the founder of Mukuru Project, Liverpool, said: “This is a wonderful opportunity for musicians and those supporting the event to show the children and young people of Nairobi that the people here in Liverpool do care, helping to empower them to live with dignity, satisfying their need for food, clothing, housing and education.
“It is especially important that now, in their dark days, we stand together.
“We urge all music fans in Liverpool to come and make it a huge success, so this year it can be even bigger. So come, help the cause and make a difference.”
Live For Mukuru 2008 takes place tomorrow (Friday) February 29, doors 8pm, pay on door – tickets £5.
You can buy advance tickets from the Dolphin Musicshop on Ranelagh St, Liverpool.
Full gig details
Mukuru Project, Liverpool
Meanwhile, Dirtblonde are to take their hugely influential Liverpool Calling night to the capital on March 1 as part of Rough Trade’s RoTa afternoon showcase events at the prestigious Notting Hill Arts Club.
The line-up includes:
Wry: Wry are a bunch of charming Brazilian boys, who supported Ash recently and make a revisionist shoegazeracket. Think My Bloody Valentine noise with punk rock energy.
Dirtblonde: Dirtblonde have been making fans and foes a like in Liverpool, with their surprising and powerful sound that mixes influences such as Sonic Youth, Patti Smith and Jesus And Mary Chain.
Mae West: Mae West formed from the ashes of Snow White, a now legendary, if short-lived, London band. Mae West follow the same formula: curious lyrics and a scuzzy sound to make your ears burn.
The Affection: The other Liverpool band on the bill, The Affection, sound like a dirtier and more psychedelic Strokes, full of memorable riffs and rock & roll attitude.
Best of all it’s free.