Natalie McCool: The Cavern, Liverpool


The raw, young siren with a fitting surname showcases her fine potential, Chris Selman investigates.

McCool‘s shows are low-key affairs; if angular progressive rock is your bag, you’re best looking elsewhere.
However, those who like their rock music to be of the melodic, acoustic variety would be well served by tonight’s gig. Fear not that these songs are some Dido-esque laments; instead think along KT Tunstall‘s more relaxed moments.
Sound problems mar set opener Something Blue but McCool and her band soldier on like professionals, playing their remaining five songs with minimal fuss and faffing. Indeed the professionalism of the band is quite remarkable, superceding that which would normally be expected of such a youthful outfit.
The song writing, too, shows a maturity beyond McCool’s 20 years. Melodic lines soar, the instrumentation swells then diffuses, sweeps of cello provide some darker moments and subtle yet memorable choruses engrain themselves in the listeners’ psyche. Her set is well balanced too, and rightfully receives a huge cheer from the appreciative audience as she leaves the stage.
That’s not to say that tonight’s show is perfect. While songs such as Anchor Down and Rainbows are excellent, others sound a bit too much like they’ve been earmarked for album filler tracks.
She’ll need more songs as strong as these two before she’s ready to take on the world. However, with youth on her side, McCool’s potential is huge. Definitely one to look out for.
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