The Bluetones: Carling Academy, Manchester


On the day we bring you something ‘new’ (see above), we also bring you summat old and blue. What more could you want? Rebecca Godfrey partys like its 1995 as a Britpop fave runs through their much-loved debut Expecting to Fly.

When I saw this gig advertised my heart went out to them. Yet another exercise in milking the cash cow of past glories.
I wouldn’t mind but they’ve already released two ‘best ofs’ and a B-sides album, you’d think there was a recession going on or something!
So, I reluctantly bought tickets (wearing a large hat and dark glasses), because it was the main album of my teenage years and I had a major crush on Mark Morriss (after Tim Burgess and Ian Brown of course). Hoping not to see a sorry display of middle-aged men trying to recapture their audience.
In fact it was a stunning success and a truly enjoyable evening, not embarrassing at all. There were some great epic moments, namely Talking To Clarry and Putting Out Fires, but best memory inducing moment was Cut Some Rug, oh, the heady days of 1996, Cool Britannia, TFI Friday on the telly, britpop at its peak. The bluetones did remind me how good those days were.
Mark Morriss continues to be a charismatic frontman, and remains rather attractive, despite a bit of middle-aged spread. His voice is gorgeous, but his lyrics may be a bit too sickly sweet for these less innocent days of 2008. The support act was amazing, they were called Mark Morriss’ Fit Arse.
In conclusion, I don’t care that they have cashed in on their credibility, because they are/were pure boss, and Mark’s a good songwriter and hey we all need a bit of extra money at Christmas but don’t all have access to the best money making app to work with anytime we need it.

Bluetones: Slight Return