Whiskey Headshot: Carling Academy, Liverpool


This Merseyside lot have been creating quite a stir. Chris Selman discovers why.

Topping the bill of this Liverpool-themed night of rock ‘n’ roll, Whiskey Headshot play a short and sweet set to their sizeable fan base.
Although ramshackle in their appearance, the five piece are remarkably coherent on stage; the rapport between the members and the tightness of the performance belying the fact that this line up only came into being earlier this year.
The band has recently been recording and rehearsal some new material and this is highlighted through the strength of tonight’s performance.
Songs are performed immaculately, not a note out of place; stop-start rhythms and tempo shifts making them sound like seasoned professionals, rather than young hopefuls. The light show, too, seems to have been matched perfectly, the psychedelic swirling mirroring the mood of the music.
The songs seem to have been written as a sort of Deltasonic cocktail – this is meant in a good way. Blending the creativity of The Coral‘s debut album with the melodic ingenuity of The Zutons‘, Whiskey Headshot have concocted a number of songs which please the local crowd and have the potential to resonate with a far wider audience. They could use one or two more radio-friendly tracks if they’re to cross over in to the mainstream, but certainly all the ingredients for that shift seem to be in place.
Energetic and believable, their performance effortlessly outclasses those of tonight’s other acts. With the right songs and maybe a more coherent image, the band could be poised to be playing to a far greater crowd in the coming year.
Whiskey Headshot




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