Singles Club #29


So there’s loads of female singer-songwriter’s doing the rounds, but Liza Williams finds one to get really excited about, specially cos it’s about punctuation and stuff. You’ve probably heard of her.

La Roux: In For The KillSingle of the Week
Dogs cover your ears – Elly Jackson is here with her unusually pitched voice, talk of punctuation and another perfect pop song.
With the help of producer and co-writer Ben Langmaid the duo seem to make “full stops and exclamation marks,” seem mystical.
Great Human League style synths, which you might think would clash with her voice, compliment it perfectly.
Golden Silvers: True Romance
The trendy trio from north London sing about tea, wine, Penny Blacks and shining shoes.
The combination of endearing references and an infectious disco melody is a good one.
St Vincent: Actor Out Of Work
The contrast between Annie Clark‘s sweet voice and harsh synths is really exciting and there is a good build up towards the end of the track with choir harmonies.
She also describes the “actor” in question as a bandage, which I’m sure he’s pleased about.
The XX: Crystalised
Atmospheric 80s indie influenced loveliness from the young foursome, with an obvious R&B influence in Romy Croft’s hushed whispers.
Metronomy: Radio Ladio
Metronomy aren’t really like any other act around at the moment.
First released in 2007, Radio Ladio sounds home made, just like singles Holiday and Heartbreaker.
There is something more basic to its structure though, and I’m not sure I like it as much.
Peaches: Talk to Me
A bit mainstream for Peaches this – I thought we were guaranteed filth? It could be any female singer really, the track doesn’t have much individuality.
Esser: Headlock
Poor Esser has been “buried in the sand like a knackered stallion”, his London boy moves are all messed up and now there’s the headlock problem.
A catchy bit of electric pop, chronicling a relationship which sounds like a complete nightmare.
We Were Promised Jetpacks: Quiet Little Voices
A track full of surging guitars, pounding Scottish vocals and well crafted lyrics- “we standing on our tiptoes, peering through open windows”.
Delta Spirit: People C’mon
Vocalist Matt Vasquez thinks he has “something to say”, but I’m not quite sure what it is, or whether I care enough to work it out. A bit dull.
And using bin lids as instruments doesn’t automatically make you exciting.
Depeche Mode: Wrong
It sounds like Depeche Mode are stuck in a bit of a rut, If you told me this was a single from any 90s album it wouldn’t come as a surprise.
The lyrics are a bit hackneyed as well, “I was born with the wrong sign, in the wrong house, with the wrong ascendancy.”
Tommy Sparks: She’s Got Me Dancing
Stupidly catchy and somewhat irritating. Listen to it once and hum it all day.
Brakes: Don’t Take Me to Space
Did Brakes always sound like this? I’m sure they were good at one point, but this single is rubbish.
The lyrics are embarrassingly bad, “I don’t care that this world’s corrupted, i don’t want to be abducted”, and the chorus build up sounds exactly like a bad cover version of Sound of the Suburbs by The Members.
Asher Roth: I Love College
Are you the type of person whose enjoys those hilarious WKD adverts? Well, then Asher Roth is for you! Unfortunately, they make me want to shoot myself in the face, so I won’t be choosing to listen to this American frat boy shite again.
I can’t believe people are taking him seriously.




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