Hype Stateside band of ’09


Every year the UK and the US get all wet about one band from their side of the pond…

The UK is currently licking its lips over the second coming of The Horrors, who’ve ditched their cartoon punk in favour of ripping off Can and Neu! (albeit very well) on their new record Primary Colours while the US has Cymbals Eat Guitars.
Who? Exactly.
They’re certainly a world away from last year’s US hit paraders, Vampire Weekend and MGMT, no CEG are more akin to 2004’s hype band Arcade Fire or Broken Social Scene.
Championing MASSIVE walls of noise, subtle catchiness and ragged vocals from the fabulously-named Joseph Ferocious, CEG are destined to be the name-dropped band come summer.
The Staten Island quartet’s self-released debut record, Why There Are Mountains, is due out this week. I doubt they’ll be without a label for long.
See what you think…

Cymbals Eat Guitars: Wind Phoenix

Cymbals Eat Guitars: Cold Spring
And here’s a Horrors track, to ponder; how did they become so good overnight? And how blatant is this a rip-off of Mother Sky? Maybe Cowell reinvented them. Cunning twat.

The Horrors: Sea Within A Sea
ps: note King Khan’s record on the shelf in the main pic behind CEG – nice!