Liverpool Sound City 2009: Puzzle, Parraffin Oil Shop, Misery Guts: Revolution & Zanizibar


Getintothis joins the locals on the opening night of Liverpool Sound City.

Puzzle don’t do rock & roll. In fact they don’t do much, save for Mounsey falling off the back of the stage thanks to an awkward drum stool set up on the Revolution’s make-shift stage.
What they do do is first-rate, infectious mini pop diamonds.
The kind that you’re gleefully bobbing to soon after the first chorus.
Excelling in a less is more ethos, brother and sister duo Lucy and Dave, have hit on something simple, yet equally as enchanting.
Parrafin Oil Shop promise much with their opening ruckus of steel and bloodthirsty riffage before everything goes downhill and turns decidedly ok. Generic indie, with the promise that honing their darker side could prove fruitful.
Perhaps they should seek out Miseryguts who live up to their name offering mournful acoustics before ramping up proceedings to drench Zanzibar with tasty fuzz and filth. Ones to keep an eye on.

Puzzle: Song About Someone
Paraffin Oil Shop




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