Liverpool Sound City 2009: Wave Machines: Static Gallery


Ready to take over the world, Liverpool’s finest are riding on a sea of emotion. Andy Kelly gets swept away.

THEY may come on stage at the midnight hour – and wearing masks at that – but Liverpool’s Wave Machines can hide it no longer – they’re ace.
They have a wonderful quality which eludes some bands for a lifetime – they just make it seem so simple.
From the glockenspiel-driven melodies of the opener, they switch effortlessless from classic synth pop to cool New York funky beats back to the beat-driven soon-to-be-single I Go I Go I Go.
Their spectrum is joyously wide and surely only a slight fear they will fall between too many stools can prevent them waltzing straight into super-stardom.
Love em? I do, I do, I do.

Wave Machines: I Go I Go I Go (live)