Liverpool Sound City: Mika Miko & Hackney Carriages: Barfly, Liverpool


Barfly jabes with LA’s finest shouty lasses, Will Plant joins in the fun.

Ain’t it hard to be a girl group. You come all the way to Liverpool via Los Angeles and what no red carpet welcome mat.
Oh no that won’t get these girls down, no, they got bigger fish to fry. Like how to make the perfect turkey sandwich.
Coming as a cross of the The Slits and Black Flag they gots the skills and the looks to make the most shameful librarian come out the closet and join the fun.
They shout the lyrics with abandin and at one point singer and saxophonist Jet Blanca lost her place, too bad cause Mika Miko don’t stick around.
Worth a watch if you enjoy fun, if not you might be annoyed by the infectious bass lines and shout harmonies (does that exist?)
Standout tracks were I Got A Lot and Forensic Scientist, give ’em a listenyou might fall in love all over again.

Mike Miko
Just a small set for local boys Hackney Carriages, could I call it a vanity project? Seal Cubs Clubbing Club‘s Jay joins Hari Ashurst on bass whilst Hari himself is on drums, synths, vox and programming, hardwork.
Their sound is like if one half of death from above decided to make ambient mathrock. If thats not talking to your tastebuds then whats wrong with you.
Being first on at the Barfly can never be easy but they attracted fans like bees to honey. Listening to them live though you get the feeling that they need to stop screwing around with the electronics and kickthings up a notch.
For the future however they are definitely a band to watch out for on the local scene.




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