Boys In The Band: Korova, Liverpool


Better at music than the footie, Mike Doherty contemplates a jaunt to the Faroe Islands

Travel journalism is a hateful trade practiced by loathesome whoppers with names like Julian and Beatrice.
However, Getintothis strongly urges everyone to visit the Faroe Islands, home to the self-styled ‘cowboy rock’ ensemble Boys In A Band.
If you want face melting solos, enviable beards and enough headbanging to worry chiropractors everywhere, then this lot are hopefully just a morsel of what their native islands have to offer.
Heri Schwartz‘s keytar skills are so potent we can see he’s almost bringing himself to orgasm, and PÊtur Zachariasson might just be the most amiable frontman this side of the Gulf Stream.
Not in a “lol, foreign accents are soooo funny” way, he has a stage presence that genuinely makes us laugh with him.
If all bands are like this on the Faroe Islands, we might just apply for citizenship.

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