Tiesto: Stockholm.


Dutch dance demon Tiësto is set to pop into the Echo Arena on Saturday. Ahead of his Liverpool date we whazzed over some questions from fans and he emailed us back. What a lovely chap.

Getintothis: Your In Search of Sunrise series has been incredibly popular. Which one is your favorite and why?
Tiesto: It would be too hard to choose just one, I’m proud of them all!
Getintothis: What can we expect to see this time from your gig in Liverpool?
Tiesto: Aside from all of the new music I’ll be playing, I have created some of my biggest and best production to date.
I worked with an incredibly talented company from Montreal called Moment Factory.
It’s based much more on video content for this tour and we have been working around the visual concepts of Kaleidoscope.
Getintothis: Your Kaleidoscope album is more experimental than your previous work. Is it the shape of the future from Tiesto?
Tiesto: As a musician I like to break new ground so I can continue to evolve naturally.
I have a very eclectic taste and am constantly interested in experimenting with an array of sounds and genres to incorporate into my own.
It enables me to take my music in a new direction while still retaining the essence of what makes up the Tiësto signature sound.
Who knows what the future holds!
Getintothis: Is there any other artist you would love to collaborate with in future?
Tiesto: My list of artists is always growing but I would love to do a song with Santigold or MGMT.

Getintothis: What club night are you hosting in Ibiza in 2010?
Tiesto: An announcement will be coming shortly – stand by.
Getintothis: What do you think of Die Antwoord? Getintothis would love to see you collaborate?
Tiesto: You never know!

I’ll be in South Africa soon enough, maybe I’ll check them – if they actually exist!