Liverpool Sound City: Joel Plaskett: Hannah’s Bar


Orla Foster on the magic of three!

They say good things come in threes. At least that’s the logic behind Joel Plaskett‘s recent record, Three, a triple-disc with each song title invoking the power of, you guessed it, three.
Hailing from Nova Scotia, the singer-songwriter once opened for Paul McCartney, which he admits is his only connection with Liverpool.
But that’s all set to change. Tonight, we’re presented with a trio made up of Joel, his accompanying guitarist, and a somewhat uncooperative PA system. Oddly, the latter turns out to be a blessing.
After a short battle with reverberation and a sliding microphone, Joel decides to improvise.
Without missing a beat he ditches the stage, stubs out the microphone like an old cigarette, and beckons the audience to get right up close.
Sailors Eyes and Through And Through And Through are met with cheers of appreciation, and we’re all stood close enough to jostle elbows with him. Never did a man go unplugged with such aplomb. ‘This is like busking!‘, he notes, between belting out songs.
The set finishes with joyful homecoming ditty, ‘Nowhere With You‘, and a beaming group of girls join in with its hale and hearty chorus.
It’s as though we’re bellowing out shanties during the best party in steerage, with Joel Plaskett at the helm. A real Sound City highlight.




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