Liverpool Sound City: The Cocabelles, The Staves, Incasino Out‏: Zanzibar, Ink at Masque


Can The Cocabelles cope losing two thirds of their line-up, can the Staves hold their nerve and can Incasino Out‏ get any louder? Getintothis’ Rosanna Hynes was there to find out.

Drastic changes in recent weeks have seen this lot go from three female vocalists to just one as Carina, the remaining member of the original lineup, puts on a spectacle not to be missed.
She swept onstage in a full lace bodysuit, Gaga-style, resplendent with gorgeous 50s curls and a scarlet pout to put Monroe to shame.
The music is bluesy and seductive, with a saxophone adding a sophisticated edge to vocals that wouldn’t seem out of place in a speakeasy. The highlight a pared-down version of Poker Face, a brave choice but a brilliant twist.
The Staves were shy and sweet, but once this trio of folk sisters began to sing, it is clear they love what they do. The lilting acoustic melodies, played on guitar and ukulele worked beautifully with the haunting and solemn vocals, reminiscent of Laura Marling with a twist of Moldy Peaches.
Incasino Out land in the Masque Ink on a wave of crashing, violent noise.
Their post hardcore sound contains all the requisite elements, including a somewhat tuneless vocalist, a thumping and ferocious drummer and a deep, repetitive bass sound, but is the triplet of guitarists that distinguishes their sound from the countless amounts of boys in garages trying to be Fugazi.