Liverpool Music Week presents: Los Campesinos!, Dire Wolfe, goFASTER >>, Married To The Sea, Long Finger Bandits


Liverpool Music Week ends in a flurry of Merseyside marvels and an old fave before a train ride curtails Getintothis’ Liza Williams‘ fun.

Jess Cartner-Morley, the Guardian’s smug communist, thinks British people look rubbish in winter because of anoraks.
Maybe she was in Liverpool on Monday night, because they were everywhere.
At the closing night of Mojo‘s series of free gigs for Liverpool Music Week, the guitarist in four piece goFASTER >> even wore one on stage throughout his entire set, with the hood up – as a conscious two fingers to the broadsheet scribbler obviously.
The night’s line-up was promising – just what was in order on a dull and dreary November evening.
First up were Long Finger Bandits, a Liverpool-based five piece complete with two trumpeters and painted faces. They were a great opening act with tuneful voices livening up the growing crowd.
Local boys Married To The Sea also impressed, with their US college rock inspired tunes. The four-piece swapped instruments throughout, showing an impressive range of musical ability. The band come into their own when their keyboards were employed to full effect as they were on several tracks during the set.
Next members of goFASTER >>, not content with rocking the fashion elite to its very core, tried to start an auction of their possessions on stage: ‘We’ve got Vinyl, CDs… in fact you could just take it all because no one buys anything anymore.
I’ve already sold this amp on Ebay,’ said the navy anoraked guitarist, ‘Feel a bit cheeky using it now, its not really mine anymore.
By 10.30pm Mojo was packed, and ready for Dire Wolfe – firm favourites of the crowd.
Drummer, Tarek Musa, was amazing and their harmonised vocals sounded great. Gloria was the stand out track, with its build up of guitars and sweet melody.
All seemed to be running smoothly, until Los Campesinos! came on stage half an hour late, meaning we only caught three songs before running to the train station. I can’t deny I was a bit miffed, considering we had come to see them primarily, but these things happen.
The short part of the set we did see didn’t disappoint, with hits like You Me Dancing sounding as good live as recorded. Oh, well, there’s always next time.