Leaf at Baltic closes


The popular and downright lovely Leaf tea shop closes.

Getintothis has had some grand times at Leaf at Baltic.
The Mad Hatters music parties, setting up our own stall selling records, losing at music quizzes and not to mention many a time idling the day away with a wedge of cake and a lovely brew.
So it’s sad day to announce that it has closed its doors to the public ‘due to irresolvable issues with the tenancy’.
A short statement landed on our desk this afternoon, it read: ‘It is with great sadness that the decision has been made to move out of Parliament Street’s creative Elevator building where the flourishing Leaf empire began its humble roots just over 2 years ago.
‘Leaf would like to express huge gratitude for the incredible support from all the customers that have helped spur the brand on and make it what it is today.

There is of course a flip side to this bad news, what with the opening – and growth of Leaf on Bold Street. HURRAH!
Here’s what those Leafy types had to add.
‘With the untimely departure of Leaf at Baltic comes the growth of Leaf on Bold Street; all the regular events housed in the original Baltic venue will move to the new sister venue of Leaf on Bold Street, where Pudding Club and Book Club will snuggle up with the already re-housed events such as Retro Sundays, Johnny Sands Open Mic and Afternoon Tea.
‘Leaf on Bold Street is also very pleased to announce the opening of the 1st Floor which will be used as a multipurpose space for private events, gallery exhibitions and place to chill out and clear the mind.
‘So pop on down to Leaf on Bold street where you will find an amazing array of teas, unique and innovative events and a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

So there you have it, as one door closes…