Liverpool Music Week CUC closing party – stages, times and everything else


Getintothis’ Peter Guy brings you the complete guide to who’s on, stage times and where at the spectacular closing party of Liverpool Music Week 2011.

The gigs and reviews have kept flowing all week and having waxed lyrical about the closing party on Friday, it’s fair to say Getintothis is suitably prepped for one hell of a night at the Contempoary Urban Centre.
The finest selection of Liverpool bands join forces with the cream of international hype stars, DJs and a certain Mercury Prize nominee – take note of Ghostpoet‘s bewitching eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of the eleventh month of 2k11 headline slot.
But let’s not mess about, you wanna know what’s happening and when you’ll be making your way to the bar for a top up. Here’s the full details.
Venue 1
Drums Of Death: 2am
Dogshow: 1.15am
The Whip: 12.15am
Ghostpoet: 11.11pm
LV & Joshua Idehen: 9.45pm
Visions of Trees: 9pm

Venue 2
Eat Your Greens DJs: 3am
DJ Wrongtom: 2am
DJ Derek: 12.45am
Riot Jazz: 12.10am
Hyde & Beast: 11.15
The Phantom Band: 10pm
Stealing Sheep: 9pm
New Villager: 8pm

Annexe Gallery:
Waxxx DJs: 3am
James Rand: 1.55am
D/R/U/G/S: 1.15am
Dauwd: 12.25am
Outfit: 11.15pm
Echo Lake: 10.15pm
Ex-Easter Island Head: 9.30pm
Bos Angeles: 8.45pm
Fear of Man: 8pm.

Jamaica Rooms:
Pete Bentham and The Dinner Ladies: 2am
White Bicycles: 1.11am
The Loose Moose String Band: Midnight
Simon Knighton: 11.15pm
Beth Jeans Houghton: 10pm
Trevor & Hannah: 9pm
Ellen & The Escapades: 8.15pm
Bird: 7.30pm

The Dragon Room:
Dutch Uncles: Midnight
Hot Club de Paris: 10.45pm
Vasco Da Gama: 10pm.
Ninetails: 9.15pm
Let’s Buy Happiness: 8.30pm

Third Floor Stage 1:
Cerebral Ballzy: Midnight
The Loud: 11pm
Lucky Beaches: 10pm
Crushing Blows: 9pm
Tsar Bomber: 8pm

Third Floor Stage 2:
Apple Cannon: 11.30pm
Warm Brains: 10.30pm
Eagulls: 9.30pm
Man Without Country: 8.30pm
Liberty Vessels: 7.30pm

The Studio:
Mugstar: 11.30pm
Salem Rages: 10.45pm
Vessels: 10pm
Mind Mountain: 9pm
We Came Out Like Tigers: 8.15pm
Spitting Cobras: 7.30pm

The Mezzanine Bar:
White Mink DJs: Midnight
Electric Swing Circus: 11.15pm
Kazimier Krunk Band: 10pm
White Mink DJs: 9pm
Sing For Your Supper: 8.15pm

The Cinema:
a.P.A.t.T film premiere: Midnight
Mike Badger film and live set: 10.30pm
Dustin Wong & the Infinite Love Orchestra: 8.15pm
Chora: 7.30pm




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