Married to the Sea: Mutiny


married to the sea.jpg
Married To The Sea bring tear-stained pop wonder back to the dancefloor.

Compelling people to shake their bodies while playing teary-eyed heartbreakers is an old game – but you’ve still got to be good to fully get the job done.
Since 2006, Married to the Sea have specialised in urgent pop with the sole aim to get people shaking on the dancefloor. But they’ve probably not dropped a track quite as good as their latest coronary-inducing diamond.
Recorded by Rob Whitely at Liverpool’s Whitewood Studios, Mutiny, from the quartet’s forthcoming Pack Xerxes EP is a hip-displacing slice of frantic college rock imbued with the kind of keyboard riff that’ll have girls urging their reluctant hipster boyfriend’s to join them on the boards.
Backed by the super-happy, super-clappy Crash Hams, Married to the Sea – join contemporaries Voo as Getintothis‘ favourite bunch of moaners producing sad songs guaranteed to put a big grin on your face.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, check this lovely live session of Married to the Sea doing Neil Young‘s Only Love Can Break Your Heart – a cut in response to the ongoing ‘10 Bands 10 Minutes‘ nights which see 10 Liverpool bands playing ten tracks by a chosen artist – nights have included The Pixies, Bruce Springsteen and The Smiths.
Can we have a Prince night soon, please?