The Mars Volta: The Malkin Jewel


The Mars Volta drop their first single, The Malkin Jewel, from forthcoming album Noctourniquet.

While nostalgia freaks have been working themselves into a frenzy over the imminent reformation of At The Drive-In, Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodríguez-López have been readying new material for their full-time day-job – Mars Volta.
And the fruits of their forthcoming sixth studio offering Noctourniquet, has dropped today – The Malkin Jewel is a snarky, biting punk snapper.
Characteristic prog leanings are stripped back in favour of Rodríguez-López short, sharp chops and Bixler-Zavala snarls and summat about ‘rats in the cellar.’
It’s faIr to say they sound thoroughly peeved. Which is no bad thing, as this is one superhot single.
New album Noctourniquet drops through the trapdoor on March 27.




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