The Temps: Soup – Exclusive Valentine’s Day single


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Liverpool’s goth-punks The Temps unleash Soup – their Valentine’s Day massacre.

Maybe we should get back together…
If ever a line was delivered with contemptuous insincerity – this was it.
The Temps Soup.jpg
Joey Wainwright‘s The Temps are back with a thumping heartwrecker of single, Soup, to commemorate St Valentine’s Day.
And on the basis of these searing, shredding guitar lines and pained screams of ‘evil eyes‘ and ‘let’s suffer inside‘ – it’s fair to say they’re at their bleakest best.
More Valentine’s Day massacre, than romantic gesture. And given lyrics like ‘let the violence ensue behind your iron curtain,‘ odds are there won’t be a happy ending.
Free to download, the track is backed by noir-slumberfest In Dreams – imagine 50s rock and roll reimagined by David Lynch and you’re halfway there. It’s like Elvis in the middle of a nervous breakdown.

You can download the whole messy affair here.
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