Liverpool Sound City 2012: The Big Sleep, Slow Club, Alt- J: Arts Academy, The Kazimier


Alt-J at Liverpool Sound City 2012.jpg
Slow Club thrill on day one of Sound City but as Getintothis’ Liam Fay reports Alt-J and Liverpool’s favourite venue seems to be suffering from sound fatigue.

Our Liverpool Sound City odyssey began with a whirl of monotony rather than the explosion of the spectacular at The Kazimier.
Now, we love The Kazimier to pieces, it is definitely our favourite venue in Liverpool, but something seemed off tonight. Nothing seemed loud enough. There was something amiss.
But that’s enough moaning. Thursday night’s highlights were Slow Club who performed an enthralling set in front of a dwindling crowd at the Arts Academy and Alt- J who performed a frustratingly reserved effort for a rammed Kazimier.
It was in what can only be described as an abandoned garage that Sheffield’s Slow Club produced a well-engineered and well-rounded performance as they mixed up the tempo to this reviewers delight.
The trouble is not many in the crowd seemed to be feeling it and half way through saw a decent number leave to go on to pastures new. I cannot fathom why. In fact, it enraged me that there weren’t more people here. This could have been a truly special event and you philistines have ruined it.
On stage though Slow Club do not let this worry them as they continue with great enthusiasm with Rebecca Taylor‘s blonde ponytail bobbing furiously as she moves from instrument to instrument.
Stand outs from this set come from the band’s sophomore album Paradise; Two Cousins, Where I’m Waking, Never Look Back and If I’m Still Alive.
Alt- J are bursting with potential.
They have a sound which is delicate, intricate and intelligently layered yet can knock through walls. But, something seems to get lost tonight at The Kazimier.
They don’t have the power, right now, to captivate an audience as they drift in and out of conversation pausing only to cheer the finale of each track. So much for the hipster crowd.
Even their barnstorming chest punch of a tune Fitzpleasure seems to lose its breath taking effect amidst a throng of inane conversation.
Getintothis‘ evening was opened by Ghost Outfit who performed like a dog barking at the moonlight.
It was loud and everything sounded the same. It felt like being pushed into a washing machine full of rocks and razor blades. Or like a hangover without the joy of the night before. ‘Can we make the vocals quieter and the guitar much, much louder?‘ The lead singer’s request summed it up perfectly.
The Big Sleep live at Liverpool Sound City 2012 blog.jpg
The Big Sleep live at Liverpool Sound City 2012
It was now getting late and we were still hanging around for one more band to play, The Big Sleep. Quite apt really.
If only this lot had been on earlier. Playing with fervour and joy they do much to shake me and wake me but it’s too late by this point I’ve become another sleep deprived festival zombie.
Theirs is a set punctuated with driving keys and catchy, shit hot licks. At once it sounds guttural and furious but overall it’s massively one paced.
Pictures by Richard B.