Liverpool Sound City 2012: YAST, Ex-Easter Island Head: Bombed Out Church, Screenadelica, Liverpool


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Half of Liverpool turns out for GIT Award nominees Ex-Easter Island Head’s kling-klang at Screenadelica while YAST rock a near empty Bombed Out Church – Getintothis’ Thomas Jefferson was glad he ade the trip.

In a corner of Screenadelica, shrouded in posters of potential influences comes a quite unique performance.
And the latest installment of Mallet Guitars, the ambient soundscape creations of Benjamin Duvall and George Maund, is the boldest and most advanced of the series.
Featuring a third member in Jon Hering, of APATT they surround four inward facing guitars set at different angles, each resonating a different tone.
Maund and Duvall engage in an almost ritualistic display of musical connectivity through repetitive beats against their semi-hollow bodied weapons.
Watching them is mesmerizing and enough to sustain the audience’s interest, yet this third movement slowly forms into something more coherent.
Hering adds depth and form to the ambient soundscapes in the form of drums and mic’d up throat hums akin to Rolf Harris on acid.
The performance moves away from mallets and moves higher up the fretboard into a far more intense sound creation, that is something not unlike Sigur Ros‘ use of Cello bows, as it unravels into chaotic bliss.
Ex-Easter Island Head once again proves that there are still boundaries to be pushed, and judging by the numbers who came to see this early performance, there are still those very keen to take that leap into the unknown.
Ex-Easter Island Head live at Liverpool Sound City, music.jpg
Ex-Easter Island Head live at Liverpool Sound City’s Screenadelica.
Swedish rockers YAST take their shimmering sound off home soil for the first time and put in a strong display to a disappointingly small crowd.
St Lukes Church is a unique space, and it suits their meandering, dream-like pop rock well as reverb-laden guitars and falsetto vocals drift off into the early evening sky.
Disappointingly, there are on two dozen people there to see their maiden voyage, which at it’s best is a joyous celebration of the upbeat grunge and Indie substance and style adored from yesteryear.
Although ultimately their sound, despite the swirling guitar effects, is slightly
One-dimensional, it has some strong moments that cry out for swatches of sweating, pulsating fans screaming their name.
The guitar solos are reminiscent of Smashing Pumpkins circa Siamese Dream, while the vocal has the falsetto prowess of Jonsi and Mew, whilst impressively switching to baratone at a moments notice.
Stylistically they look and sound like they’ve walked straight out of the mid-90s.
Denim jackets, long surf hair, caps turned backwards and silly moustaches all give the impression that Sweden is a good 20 years behind the trends, yet somehow this adds to their appeal.
Tracks Believes and Because Of You are hugely impressive displays of majestic pop-rock pomp, and deserve a bigger audience.
Someday that may happen for them, but unfortunately that crowd is not here, and not now.
Pictures by Sakura Zilla.




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