How To Dress Well – Cold Nites (Total Loss, 2012)


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How To Dress Well returns with Cold Nites. So much love for this right now.

Yesterday, I left work and an hour later, The xx had dropped their new track Angels – a precursor to their new album, Coexist.
Despite, the hour long turnaround, all 1,561,648 blogs in the entire sphere had inevitably deemed this wholly newsworthy, yet nevertheless staid comeback, a must-feature bloggable event, and we couldn’t help feel a tad bit disappointed.
Not sure if I was:
a) Disappointed the track was so predictable/average.
b) That I was the last person in the world to hear/write//tweet/blog about it.
c) That everyone had deemed it necessary to hear/write/blog about such a predictable/average track.
d) All of the above.
Either way, the same thing happened again tonight, only this time the track is incredible – and I just want to share some love for an artist who is fast-becoming a big favourite at Getintothis HQ.
How To Dress Well (or Tom Krell to his mother) releases new single Cold Nites on September 17, the same day as new album Total Loss, both via Weird World.

How To Dress WellTotal Loss.