FestEVOL Part One picture gallery feat Clinic, Edgar Summertyme, The Wicked Whispers, Death At Sea, Eva Petersen, Folks, Bad Meds


Clinic live at FestEVOL distance shot.jpg
A spectacular gathering of talent came to the Kazimier for part one of FestEVOL, Getintothis’ Marie Hazelwood captured everything that was on offer.

Catfish And The Bottlemen.jpg
Catfish And The Bottlemen giving it some welly at FestEVOL in Kazimier’s Garden
The Razz live at FestEVOL.jpg
Smokin! Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch were in support of young guns The Razz at FestEVOL in the Kazimier
Hey Carrianne.jpg
Summer vibes for Hey Carrianne in the Kazimier’s Garden at FestEVOL
Blitzkreig Bob.jpg
Blitzkreig Bob and (left) Stevie Law man the decks early doors in the Kazimier’s Garden at FestEVOL
Johnny Sands live at FestEVOL.jpg
The always dashing Johnny Sands live at FestEVOL
Liberty Vessels live at FestEVOL.jpg
Loud and proud, Liberty Vessels live at FestEVOL
The Oxygen Thieves live at FestEVOL.jpg
Mean and moody, The Oxygen Thieves did the business at FestEVOL
The Dirty Rivers live at FestEVOL.jpg
Dirty Rivers get their strut on at FestEVOL
Lovecraft live at FestEVOL.jpg
Super big fuzz, Lovecraft inside the Kazimier during FestEVOL
Silent Sleep from distance.jpg
Silent Sleep pull in the crowds at FestEVOL outside in the Kazimier’s garden
Phil Bakstad.jpg
Hello Mr Phil Bakstad! Prepping for his DJ set at FestEVOL
Silent Sleep live at FestEVOL.jpg
Meet you by in the shrubbery in the Kazimier’s garden… Silent Sleep at FestEVOL
Stevie Law live at FestEVOL.jpg
Nob twiddler, Stevie Law sets the controls in the Kazimier’s garden
The Sundowners.jpg
Gorgeous stuff from The Sundowners at FestEVOL in the Kazimier
Ticks live at FestEVOL.jpg
Key players, Ticks, man the garden stage at FestEVOL
Bad Meds live at FestEVOL.jpg
Good swag, Bad Meds made their debut at FestEVOL
Folks live at FestEVOL.jpg
Throat-ripping action from Folks live at FestEVOL
Craig Pennington of Bido Lito DJ set.jpg
Craig Pennington uses the old classic phone-light-button-technique at FestEVOL
Owls live at FestEVOL.jpg
No messing, as Owls* prove a hoot at FestEVOL on the garden stage
Wicked Whipsers live at FestEVOL.jpg
Michael Murphy can sing sweet music in his sleep, Wicked Whispers live at FestEVOL
Death at Sea  live at FestEVOL.jpg
Death At Sea’s drum pyrotechnics in full flight at FestEVOL
Edgar Summertyme live at FestEVOL.jpg
Dashing Edgar Summertyme mades his return at FestEVOL
Clinic live at FestEVOL.jpg
Clinic disobey every doctor’s orders with some evil rock and roll to close part one of FestEVOL at the Kazimier
Pictures by Marie Hazelwood.