Early Music: Telefunken


Early Music Telefunken Liverpool band.jpg
Early Music return with seven-minute sun-soaked krautrocker destined for car stereos everywhere.

It must be a composer’s dream to work on films that centre on lunatics driving fast cars.
Imagine the fun you could have writing tunes for the likes of Bullitt, Duel, Death Proof or Drive.
No wonder Primal Scream penned arguably their finest worksongs around the ultimate psycho road-movie Vanishing Point; all motorik rhythms, driving bass and vocal abandon.
Liverpool’s Early Music have clearly been thinking about hurtling off into the sunset with their second track which dropped online this week.
Unlike their Neil Young dust-cloud opener we waxed lyrical about in May, the follow up recalls Neu! channelling the spirit of Ash Ra Tempel and early Can with Paul Baker‘s strained howl adding a sense of visceral hysteria.
Magical mania at 100 miles per hour.

Oh, they’re after gigs, hit em up here: earlymusicband@gmail.com




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