Getintothis Volume #4 – Nights///


Nights Liverpool music mixtape Getintothis mix.jpg
Nights/// offers dark visions from the afterworld as Getintothis presents our fourth exclusive mixtape.

Nights/// has many guises. Nights/// is no one at all. Nights/// is a new Liverpool artist.
Getintothis talked via a dark portal to Nights///.
Nights Liverpool music mixtape Getintothis.jpg
Getintothis: Hey, so tell us about Nights?
Nights///: Nights/// is one guy making garage and jungle tunes, that’s all, with the attempt at keeping it faceless like in the old days before stuff like twitter.
I’ve got a deep love for this music and the culture surrounding it, I hope I can bring something exciting to it.
Getintothis: You’ve dabbled with various projects in Liverpool, reckon we may see you on the live circuit over the next year?
Nights///: December, but don’t hold your breath.
Getintothis: What’s your impression of the Liverpool music scene? Some people say there’s not enough electronic artists…
Nights///: Nah, the scene is very guitar orientated and i’m not surprised.
We’ve got a deep heritage in guitar bands, and the dance music scene is slowly getting there.
We do have talented Scouse artists and DJs, I reckon they just don’t get enough media coverage. I can understand people’s distaste with dance music here, thanks to local lads playing awful happy hardcore on buses.
Getintothis: What influences you to make music?
Nights///: I enjoy doing it, the whole process, whether its the experimenting, or just having a finished tune – its all boss.
I guess listening to Moving Shadow tunes, Groove Chronicles tunes, all them 90s tunes just gets me pumped.
It’s gonna sound cheesy but I put a lot of heart and soul into what I do.
Getintothis: What do you get up to at night?
Nights///: Haha! Same thing most people in Liverpool do, going drinking with your mates at the local.