Dan Croll: Wanna Know


Dan Croll returns with another nugget from the golden pop production line.

Dan Croll‘s been an integral part of Liverpool music for sometime now.
And I guess that’s why his pop music is so well executed. Croll, Joe Wills, Jethro Fox, Tarek Musa and a whole host of their extended family of artists, musicians, film-makers and technicians have been bubbling in the Pool for around four years making exploratory DEEP pop music.
It’s a kind of honed, super-melodic tapestry which is at once simplistic in form, yet rich in design and ultimately last in impression. Central to this is Wills‘ characteristically clean production which manages to keep all the ingredients balanced and nuanced; rarely over-complicating proceedings – a secret many budding pop musicians could learn from.
Croll and co are part of the post-LIPA graduates crowd, who’ve enriched Liverpool, by branching out from the manufactured worn stereotypes of old and throughout their formative years have supported the Merseyside scene, helping create a network of musicians – both schooled and from Liverpool backgrounds – which is in it’s infancy, yet, you’d imagine could create a lasting legacy in Liverpool music.
Wanna Know is the latest cut is another from that Croll/Wills production line; you’d imagine there’s much more still to come.

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