Cream’s James Barton pays tribute to brother Tony, who has died aged 47


Cream bosses James and Scott Barton pay tribute to brother who has died of cancer.

Cream bosses James and Scott Barton today paid tribute to their “brave and courageous” brother Tony who died aged 47.
Dozens of messages were left on Twitter and Facebook for the dad-of-three after he lost his battle against cancer on Sunday.
The event promoter raised thousands for charity and the Royal Liverpool University Hospital after he fought acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.
But family members today told how they were left heartbroken when another illness, a bone cancer, struck more than 18 months ago.
James Barton, founder of Liverpool superclub Cream, said: “He was so brave, so courageous, he never once complained.
The way he fought the leukaemia epitomizes the type of fella he was. Even though he recovered he stayed in very close contact with the Royal and went up there when they needed somebody to sit down with the patients who were scared of their future. He was a great example to others.
In 1996 club boss James donated bone marrow to Tony which doctors said could double his chances of recovery.
The brothers presented a £1,000 cheque to the hospital and went on to run the New York Marathon in 2008 and the London Marathon in 2009.
James said: “It was so ironic because he died on the day of the Liverpool Half Marathon. He ran that about eight or 10 times.
The sad thing was he was super-fit and kept himself healthy. He was a big runner and played a lot of tennis. He thought he had a sports injury but he had a tumour behind his knee. He was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the end of August in 2011.
He knew how to manage the illness and never let it get him down. He was determined. Even towards the end, when we knew the chemo wasn’t doing anything for him, he went to China to try other treatments.
Scott said: “He was amazing, a true gent who would do anything for anyone. He was kind and thoughtful and was an amazing brother.
Mr Barton leaves behind his three daughters – Sarah, 29, and twins Laura and Charlotte, 21 – and his partner Marie.