Mick Flaherty: Where Did We Go Wrong


Liverpool’s pedal-heavy songwriter Mick Flaherty delves deep into the darkness for a rare spot of sunlight.

Some days you barely see the sun. Those days seem to more familiar to a growing number of people.
Endless reams of emails, texts and the cyclical treadmill of technology; lost in it all ’til we start again tomorrow. Sometimes it can seem hopeless but then a bright blip can hop out of nowhere breaking the chain, and we can start again with a renewed vigour.
That sparkle of light almost always comes back to ‘the individual’; be it sharing something with someone, or capturing your own moment in time. It sounds so very simply, but those moments sometimes seem to be further away than ever.
Listening to Mick Flaherty he seems to be lost in it all, and his way of breaking the cycle is pouring his individual self into the musical pot. What often unravels is a viscous stream of fragility colliding with a potent slab of power. Dabbling in techno, avant-campfire-folk and looped pedal-heavy guitar the results, like on Where Did We Go Wrong, are often stunning.
Time to step into the sunlight…

Image by Soumyabrata.