John Loveless, James Booth, WYWH: Kazimier Garden, Liverpool


An electronic hat-trick of new artists excel at the Kazimier Garden, Getintothis’ Aaron Farrell immersed himself in a digital bath.

After Deep Hedonia’s weekend of Shangaan magic at the Kazimier Garden, it was probably best to recharge your batteries.
But there’s no rest for the wicked as Sequence whirred into action showcasing another night of electronic talents.
This time it was Manchester’s James Booth headlining, playing out his debut release under Amanda Brown’s L.A. dance label 100% Silk.
The evening commenced with WYWH, aka Liverpool’s Andrew Parry, playing a downtempo set with engrossing samples and beats reverberating around the Kazimier Garden.
If there was one drawback to proceedings that affected anyone’s enjoyment, if they were there to enjoy live music, was the drowning out of the live sound by half the crowd enjoying an evening tipple.
WYWH kick started the action at the Kazimier Garden, Liverpool
James Booth kicked off with, what is described on his 100% Silk EP’s description, “melancholia house and overcast bedroom bangers“.
The juxtaposition played out well against a hot and sunny evening. Getintothis was in dire need of some House with added Blues to help ease a heavy prior weekend of African and Brazilian mayhem.
Booth’s set had a pleasant subtlety of high tempo hi-hat brushes, pulsing kick drums with pensive synthetic melodies.
As his set progressed the crowd, who were drinking merrily into the sunset, began to nod, bop and really take notice. Inevitably, It was a serene affair up until nightfall.
John Loveless, also from Manchester, played an exciting set packed with sunny Disco and House vibes. As track-by-track blended, accompanied by drink by drink, we soon had to find ourselves shazamming familiar sounding house numbers.
One was Julie’s Theme by Sound Stream and Getintothis spent most of our Friday playing it over and over to beat another monstrous hangover.
On the whole, another fine night from Deep Hedonia at the Kazimier showcasing the developing electronic scene in Liverpool, Getintothis is already looking forward to the next Sequence on August 29.

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