Mainliner, The Left Hand, Fortunatus, Norweb: Blade Factory, Camp & Furnace, Liverpool


Mainliner deliver a ferocious backdrop of distorted noise, Getintothis’ Mark Greenwood hooks himself up to the mainframe.

Getintothis doesn’t even have time to peruse the merch stall as we just about make it in time to catch Norweb opening this evening’s proceedings.
Norweb are tight and punchy, evoking the sight of a naked fell runner as they navigate a terrain of jaunty post-punk.
Comparisons to The Fall and Captain Beefheart are easy to make as the band meander around a dysfunctional building site, assembling perky pop aphorisms twisted around animated spoken word vocals.
It’s a decent if slightly displaced opening from Norweb and there’s a mysterious vibe in the Blade Factory, with some eerie visuals giving the place a 1960’s ‘happening’ feel.
Slowly but surely the venue appears to be getting its act together with a decent PA and tiered seating, giving the audience a range of viewing options provided they’re willing to endure thunderous rumbles of bass bruising their never regions
Fortunatus have a huge sound for a two piece as they embark on a marathon of ghostly sonic templates dominated by restless guitar patterns.
Haunting and mesmeric shadows are cast from a limited yet surprising palette of noisy textures. While there’s plenty of promise here, the band appear a bit loose and maybe too eclectic as they try to impose themselves on the Blade Factory faithful and it feels like something might be missing from their minimal set-up.
The Left Hand live at Blade Factory
As always, there are convenient gaps for self-medication in-between bands and Getintothis are quite happy to engage in a bit of benumbed banter on Greenland Street. The craic is flying and it’s good to find a mix of regulars and new faces engaged in lively musical debate under a lucid, autumnal moon.
The Left Hand are next up in a now crowded venue. The band’s sound resembles a dilapidated space jalopy, misguided by a cynical scouse HAL.
Dodecahedron is a psychedelic masterpiece despite its nightmarish qualities, shifting through a number of interstellar scenarios before drifting aimlessly in a sea of space junk.
A whirling mix of heavy bass synth, garage guitar and sledge hammer drums make The Left Hand an intriguing spectacle, unevenly spattered with cosmic wit and bad acid, making them easily one of Liverpool’s weirdest sonic entities.
Mainliner at Blade Factory, Liverpool
In between bands we happened to spot Kawamba Makoto catching a nap, but there’s nothing soporific about Mainliner as they open up with New Sun from their Revelation Space album.
Makoto is a black magician, drawing obvious Hendrix comparisons with blistering guitar solos and spell-binding showmanship.
Mainliner’s extended noise rock jams are filled with spontaneous wah wreckage and malicious riffs that mock a catalogue of supposed guitar gods as Makoto discards technical arrogance in favour of rawness and aggression.
The Mainliner rhythm section concocts a ferocious backdrop of distorted poundage, while Kawabe Taigen unleashes a litany of chimeric chants, conveniently corresponding to a series of cryptic heptagrams that flicker and throb on the Blade Factory walls.
Mainliner are an extraordinary asset to an increasingly profound portfolio of noise, psych and stoner space rock offered by Behind The Wall Of Sleep.
As organisers and curators they are gradually beginning to re-define the heavier tastes of Liverpool while maintaining a lo-fi ethos. Long may they continue.

Mainliner prepare for their Blade Factory gig – picture by Peter Guy
Pictures by Getintothis’ Andrew AB.
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