Singles Club #78


Getintothis’ Liam Fay discusses sexy nostrils, DIY-based self-harm and night terrors on Sefton Park. It can only be Singles Club!

Crocodiles: Teardrop GuitarSingle of the Week
The woman in the video looks a bit like a man in fact I’m pretty sure it is. Sexy nostrils, though.
That aside the Buddy Holly-looking fools Crocodiles have mustered up a track that reminds me of all the best bits of brit-pop and the early noughties ‘indie’ efforts without sounding mawkishly nostalgic at the same time. Their album Crimes of Passion is a wee belter to boot.

Crocodiles – “Teardrop Guitar” Video from stereogum on Vimeo.

Aviator: Desolation Peaks
I can’t get enough of this single. I’ve been drunk on its good vibes for a week now, it’s one of those eyes closed, head nodding efforts. I say ‘good vibes’ though the reality is that the lyrics are actually a bit on the mardy. Despite this I defy you not to smile when listening.

The Thespians: Why Do I Like You?
…I don’t know I guess I just do. It might be the music you make, it’s so infectious.
The Thespians have been hailed as the “next massive UK garage band” by MTV New York.
High praise indeed and if this slice of indie-guitar delightfulness has peaked your interest then you’re in luck as the Liverpool based four-piece play the East Village Arts Club on Friday October 25.

Britney Spears: Work Bitch
And now for something completely different. She’s back, again, bitch, and she’s here to tell you, bitch, that you better work bitch, bitch. It’s Britney, bitch!
This too is quite infectious but rather like a nasty dose of scabies or a round of the clap. I can’t get rid of it (the tune that is, not the diseases, not that I have any, I’m clean thanks for asking). So listen at your own peril.

Killaflaw: Broken Idol
A ferocious melding of fuzzy guitar and synth-led electronica. Throw in a satirical video and Killaflaw’s lead single from their upcoming EP Broken Idol is good to go. Play this one loud. All the way up to eleven.

Belleruche: Northern Girls
God, I love northern girls and I love this track. Belleruche are set to release a best of at the end of the month, despite only having released their debut album in 2007, and this is the pick of the bunch for me.
Trip-hop that’s makes you swoon, it’s sort of like The xx for happy people.

The Wombats: Your Body Is A Weapon
The first gig I ever went to see was The Wombats at the then Carling Academy on Hotham Street and I’ve always had a soft spot for them since then.
Your Body Is A Weapon sees the LIPA lads continue with their own brand of synth driven scouse-sardonica.

Satelliti: Young Wolf
Something to listen to during twilight whilst a little bit weary. I went for a walk around Sefton Park at 4am with this beating the wax out of my ears. Left me completely bewildered. Felt like I was in some sort of horrible M. Night Sharmalarmalan film being chased by an electro ninja. I haven’t slept since. HELP ME.

Raffertie: Rain
Continuing the electronic vibes I give you Raffertie. This is deep, this is emotional, this will alter you’re breathing pattern and make you light headed so be careful if you’re asthmatic.

Machinedrum: Gunshotta
World War II gas masks have been en vogue since Dead Man’s Shoes and while they’re hardly suitable for summer, expect to see them even more in this year’s Autumn/Winter range thanks to Machinedrum‘s gnarly soul rumble.
It’s the latest dark blast of break beat to drop from the top shelf of Ninja Tune, and we heartily recommend investing in their EP which is out today.