Singles Club #79


The latest Singles Club rides into battle like a pegasus of music criticism, Getintothis’ Liam Fay discusses treacle tarts, the self-appointed elite and “onion-carpet things”.

East India Youth: Looking For SomeoneSingle of the Week
At once hypnotic and devastatingly disorientating. I nearly lost my dinner numerous times watching this. Though it was my own fault for watching over and over again.
Looking For Someone, by the hotly tipped East India Youth (aka William Doyle), is hopefully just a taster of more mesmerising things to come.
The debut album is expected in the new year and the boy Doyle is set to support Factory Floor at the majestic Kazimier on Thursday December 5.
Factory Floor preview.

Wooden Shjips: Back To Land
Wooden Shjips recently released their sixth album and second on the label Thrill Jockey. It’s called Back To Land, the album that is, and this track is also called Back To Land. Crafty eh?
Still, enjoy this little pearler of a track before you get utterly, frustratingly sick of psychedelic music. The worm’s already beginning to turn for me.

Bright Young People: Liberties
Time for some fuzzy rock from our very own North West. Bright Young People are attracting a fair few big name fans including Echo & The Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch who has produced this debut single. The boys play the Zanzibar on Friday November 15.

Botany: Quatic
There’s all kind to love about this track. It sounds like someone’s gone for a sinister swim in a pool full of wind chimes and xylophones. So much texture and so many layers. Like an onion-carpet-thing. Ok, that is a terrible simile but ignore it and give this a listen.

Cate Le Bon: I Think I Knew (feat. Perfume Genius)
Cate’s rolling, lullabyesque Welsh lilt draws you in and covers you like a cosy crocheted blanket. Fragile, uncomplicated, uncluttered this track smacks of Sunday afternoon autumnal warmth with a brew and some bara brith, all this despite its melancholic tone.
The lovely Cate plays Leaf Tea Shop on Bold Street on Tuesday February 11.

A Lily: The Sparrow In The Lemon Tree
There’s lots of sliding and plucking in this which makes me happy. This has a Villagers/Sigur Ros/Bon Iver feel to it though is thoroughly marvellous in its own right. Sweet.

Patterns: This Haze
Back in 2011 Patterns released Induction which was my standout single for that year. Now two years on they’ve given us this and the promise of an album in January. I’m quite excited.
This is a grower so don’t be disparaged if you find it a little flat at first. Though it’s probably because your speakers are naff. Capable of delivering big, layered tunes Mancunians Patterns are definitely worth keeping on your radar.

The Witch Hunt: Army Man
They bossed ‘it’ at Sound City in May and now Leeds duo The Witch Hunt have released an EP, Little Book of Hate. This is dark and dense. Like trying to eat an entire treacle tart in one sitting.

Ezra Furman: My Zero
Have you heard of Ezra Furman before? No? Me neither but apparently he’s released five albums already. It’s shocking ‘cos this is actually pretty sweet. I will certainly be investigating Ezra further.
Maybe he’s just doing a Snow Patrol and will go big with the latest album, Day of The Dog, released earlier this month.
Soon he’ll have this covered by some vacuous conveyor belt pop bimbo with eyes the size of dinner plates and an IQ that’d be a poor one for a glass of water. Do me a lemon.

OvO: A Dream Within A Dream (feat. Alan Dubin)
Or a seizure within a nightmare might be more apt. I shouldn’t include this in here as I’m not sure this can strictly be labelled as ‘music’. Try-hards who have too much technology and time on their hands. Get an office job.