Talons, Alpha Male Tea Party, Jazzhands: Shipping Forecast, Liverpool

Talons live at The Shipping Forecast

Talons live at The Shipping Forecast

There was a bit of something for everybody at the Shipping Forecast this time around, Getintothis’ Joseph Viney welcomes pain through noise.

Declaring that a group sound better live than on record isn’t strictly a positive or negative statement, merely an opinion.

And so it feels perfectly fine to lay this non-accusation on Talons and not feel like we are short changing them. Their shadowy crunch, led by two accomplished violinists, benefited immensely from the cramped conditions the Shipping Forecast’s lower level provides.

On tour to promote their second and most recent LP New Topographies, the instrumental sextet delivered a set that combined sheets of noise, speedy riffing, expert musicianship and no shortage of funereal atmospherics.

Back to the original point: where all of these combined elements may leave something to be desired when recorded, dependent on speakers, sound quality, location and all the rest, when played live it’s utterly behemothic.

Sometimes when you see bands play songs of a certain nature you wonder just how long it’s taken to finally realise their ideas, what kind of starting point do you set off from and “why can’t I be this good?”

Talons are jealousy-inducing. Now there’s a positive statement.

Speaking of which, Alpha Male Tea Party and their winding tunes are three more jealousy agitators.

Alpha Male Tea Party live at  The Shipping Forecast

Alpha Male Tea Party live at The Shipping Forecast

Striding onto the stage in hazmat suits that ultimately leave little to the imagination, Getintothis realises we have seen these lads in their underwear more times than we could ever have predicted.

AMTP were also back in town after a prolonged Liverpool-based absence to promote their second album, the fittingly-titled Droids. It’s fitting because at times the precision and speed at which they play and create their wares makes you wonder whether robots were involved in the making of it.

Opening with the album’s opening double-whammy of Happy As Larry, Larry Is Dead and You Eat Houmous, Of Course You Listen To Genesis, things barely let up from the get go.

Moments of dark and light follow; full-speed-ahead riffing and quieter passages that let you catch your breath before the Deftones-esque sludge of Athlete’s Face sees us to the finish line.

Been far too long, gents. Let’s see another Liverpool show soon.

Now…Jazzhands. What a funny proposition these guys are. Three drummers, a saxophonist and a bassist. What could possibly go wrong?

Jazzhands live at The Shipping Forecast

Jazzhands live at The Shipping Forecast

Not a lot as it happens. Blisteringly loud, they combine the circus-freak thrash of Mr Bungle, the wilful weirdness of Primus and the manic intensity of some mad collective like Gogol Bordello.

It’s always nice to see a group play like that not just for show, but because it feels right.

Altogether it was another skull-shattering night and another feather in the cap of Bam!Bam!Bam!

Pictures by GetintothisMartin Saleh