The Kazimier unveil new docklands project The Invisible Wind Factory ahead of grand opening party

The Kazimier's Invisible Wind Factory opens in December 2014

The Kazimier’s Invisible Wind Factory opens in December 2014

The Kazimier and fresh innovators form Merseyside collective Vision Commission to host dockland arts event space The Invisible Wind Factory, Getintothis’ Peter Guy prepares to be blown away.

The whispers have been going around for sometime about The Kazimier team’s new dockland project – and today we can reveal new details.

Amid Liverpool’s desolate northern docks, down an inconspicuous side street lies potentially the region’s most exciting new arts, music and events playground: The Invisible Wind Factory.

The Invisible Wind Factory, situated at 25 Carlton Street (a 10-15 minute walk from Moorfields railway station), is the new base for The Vision Commission – a collective consisting largely of original Kazimier members but expanded upon by like-minded collaborators.

It is this new collective, The Vision Commission, that will ignite the industrial shell of this docklands factory into something of it’s former glory – a mechanical being with energy and production at its heart – though, this time, its industry will focus upon entertainment, light and sound rather than that of a machine-like assembly line.

A spokeman for Vision Commission told Getintothis: “Vision Commission is based in the north docks of Liverpool in a space named the Invisible Wind Factory. A space where the collective’s unified artistic visions can be developed, trialled, and executed without restriction.

Height, scale, volume, silence, atmospheric conditions are all without limits in the Factory and production is just gearing into motion.

The first event to be held at The Invisible Wind Factory is on Saturday 13 December 2014 – a grand opening party to the public whereupon those gathered will be treated to a show which promises to evoke inspiration and memories harking back to those infamous Kazimier gatherings in 2008 and the years that followed.

Characteristic to those heady days, in-house Kazimier avant-techno trio, Dogshow, featuring Sam and Laurie Crombie plus visual and light manipulator Venya Krutikov, are the first musicians announced to play the event.

Joining them are Upitup Records boss Jacques Malchance performing a piece entitled Organ Works – Variations for Electone HS6 along with DJ sets from Engine DJs, Ellis and Jay Binary.

And in a tantalising insight into the future, the Vision Commission have also revealed plans for a major happening sometime in 2015 which will ‘demonstrate the collective’s true aspirations and ambitions‘.

The Vision Commission spokesman added: “The opening party on Saturday 13 December 2014 is an opportunity to celebrate and present the space publicly, along with the intentions for its future use.
2015 will see the production of a major show that will demonstrate the collective’s true aspirations and ambitions. For now we concentrate on the opening party featuring a special one-off performance fusing the musical and mechanical from avant-techno duo Dogshow and Vision Commission in reaction to the Invisible Wind Factory‘s unique setting.”

Event details elaborate, further, saying: “The factory has now commenced a new path manufacturing intangible products; ethereal componentry, infinite half-life, technological turbulence. Heavy machinery processes raw creative materials – an assembly-line of light and sound.

The Invisible Wind Factory welcomes its first public factory tour on the 13th December – a celebratory event presenting the organisation’s future vision and demonstrating its first output; a protopype [sic]mechanical/musical hybrid performance with avant-techno group Dogshow.”

It’s fair to say, Christmas has come early to Liverpool arts and music lovers – expect to be blown away.

Tickets to the opening party at The Invisible Wind Factory, 25 Carlton St, Liverpool, L3 7ED, are £10, available here.