Faded Gold returns from hiatus with Tides

Faded Gold

Faded Gold

Returning with new track Tides, Getintothis’ Beth Parker is stirred up by Faded Gold’s ever-more emotive electronica.

It’s been a while since we’ve written about Liverpool lass Stephanie Chew aka Faded Gold. Returning from a hiatus, with her newest offering of celestial splendour Tides, Stephanie sure is making up for lost time.

There’s something beautifully symmetrical about Faded Gold’s sound. In Tides, her carefully crafted ambient electronica is harmonious, dreamlike and somewhat enrapturing. Yet although uplifting, the sorrow which we’ve been used to hearing in Chew’s previous pastiches has not departed.

Throughout there’s a haunting lyrical loveliness, ethereal repetitions, which when covered atop of the spaced out EDM creates the perfect combination of melodic melancholy.

The title of the track is fitting, for upon listening, this choral composition transports us away to an aquatic seascape, so that us lot here at Getintothis, could be could be blissfully and peacefully drifting down a tranquil River Mersey on a January’s twilight eve.

Now, lie back and think of Liverpool.




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