SXSW 2015 – Courtney Barnett, METZ, Steve Gunn, queues and other shit

Phone home

Phone home

SXSW 2015 continues, Getintothis provides the briefest of snapshots from Austin. 

So, it’s day five of our Austin adventure – but in all honesty it feels more like day 55.

Things gotten heavy. On Day Two. But, we’re alive, well and happy. However, it’s continuing and we’re very tired and currently nearing the end of a 27-hour stretch without sleep so we’re keeping this ultra brief. Like going to supermarket – this is a power shopping list on a need to know basis. Here’s the gist:

* SXSW queues are a joke. You all think, as Brits, you know queues. Queues at SXSW are longer than Belgium. They start in Belgium and end up in Italy. And sometimes, there’s just no opting out.

* METZ are the shit. That debut album was unreal. Wait til you hear their new stuff. If there’s a band that tears it up all week better than them we’l be dedicating more than this rubbish list to them.

* Elijah Wood DJ sets are worse than queues. Worse still – you have to queue to get out of there.

* Courtney Barnett is both lovely and her new gear is awesome.

* St Patrick’s Day in America is a big deal. And brings out the Jock dicks big time. You could barely move an inch today without some wanker in full body suit green shouting ‘y’all from Dublin?! I’m drinking a car bomb!

* Austin locals are the friendliest, most approachable folks this side of Liverpool. Honest.

* Steve Gunn was awesome. His guitar was pure purdy.

* Waxahatchee was ok.

* Macaroni with cheese on a hotdog with pepperoni is the nastiest/greatest thing you’ll ever try for tea. But you will need a shower afterwards.

* The Alamo and San Antonio are worth a visit. The Manger hotel is too.

* Right that’s it. Keep Austin Weird.