Liverpool Sound City 2015 review: Jambinai, Stop Drop Robot, The Merrylees, SeaWitches, Single Mothers, Gentlemen Rogues, Saskwatch



Fighting through the day three fatigue, Getintothis’ Ste Knight is enraptured by a diverse Sunday down at the docks.

If the wind racing down the Mersey on the third and final day of Sound City isn’t enough to blow away the hangover cobwebs from Saturday night, then a quick stop to flex it to the pre 1pm techno workout provided by Montreal duo Beat Market certainly is. Mixing live percussion with some truly incredible synth work, the band whip up a force 16 hurricane as they open up the Baltic Stage. Fuck the bed, get up and dance! Single Mothers continue the energy further into the afternoon with their true punk ethic. Angry, angsty and frustrated.

The Record Store Stage was also under threat of disaster as a number of acts set the place aflame. The Visitors ignite proceedings with their opening set. Despite the small crowd (too many people still in bed, obviously) The Visitors play their hearts out with bold, brash rock sound – a really tight youthful band.

Adding further fuel to the fire are Melbourne’s own Saskwatch, who inject so much passion into their soulful tracks that we are all expected to spontaneously combust. I Can’t Forget You, You Blow My Mind. True that!

Gentlemen Rogues complet the glorious triumvirate as their blistering guitar laden rock causes burns in the third degree. With an intoxicating mix of lyrical and instrumental prowess, it’s easy to see how Rogues have garnered such critical acclaim. Handing out free beers to cool off audience members is also a sure-fire way to win new fans.

The Kraken stage continues to wow after two incredibly successful days completely in spite of the North Stage’s noise spilling into the tent. The one to watch was by far and away the young Ayanna. With her cello, named Rueben, Ayanna holds the crowd captive with her angelic voice and the symbiotic relationship between artist and instrument. Quite why she was followed later on by Stop Drop Robot will remain an unanswered mystery, as this formulaic metal act completey underwhelm.

Seawitches cast a spell over everyone who witnesses their performance. Recently signed to Edge Hill University’s The Label Recordings their own brand of original pop was magic in the making.

The tent was also host to a comedy takeover. Games of Grandmother’s footsteps, Magnum eating and Trip Advisor complaint recitals are just some of the antics taking place. Comedian Adam Rowe has eyes streaming and sides splitting with his witty repertoire.

Better suited to the West Coast of the USA than the South Coast of Wales from where they hail, Cardiff band Houdini Dax play to a packed-to-the-rafters Cavern tent. Their take on the 60’s rock and roll, doo-wop of the Beach Boys ensures the sun shines in the afternoon.

Stage headliners Jambinai display an incredibly intriguing form of post-rock which incorporates traditional Korean instruments, making for one of the most interesting gigs of the weekend.

The North Stage is taken over by Scottish band The Merrylees. Deceivingly nominated for Best New Scottish Act, the band are like a nourishing sonic soup, main ingredients being The Doors, The Animals and The Kinks. Their psychedelic pop janglings are enjoyed by all.

Suffice to say with such a plethora of diversely different acts over the course of the three days, it can safely be said the weekend was an out and out success. Roll on 2016 (once we’ve all caught up on our kip!).

Photos by Getintothis’ Martin Waters, Martin Saleh, Michael Hegarty, Jack Thompson, Tom Adam, Vicky Pea, Chris Flack:




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