Introducing: Katie Mac


Katie MacHer online entourage may, as yet, be scant but Getintothis’ Emma Walsh has no doubt that Katie Mac is going to garner a following of Pied Piper proportions.

With only a single track on Soundcloud and a mere handful of follows on social media, Liverpool based singer songwriter Katie Mac is very much an emerging talent.

But there’s no doubt of the potential, working with Jon Withnall, the producer behind Louis Berry, she’s already been making ripples with those in the know checking her out during her Saturday slot at Sound City and traction on BBC Merseyside Introducing. 

Let’s Fall Asleep is instantly compelling, a single delicate strum rolling into a steady reel of acoustic tension. Katie’s voice has a rich, rounded tone that conjures up comparisons to Noisettes singer Shingai Shoniwa.

The unbridled, stark bass of her vocals trip into a melodic chorus just hinting at the range and power Katie has to play with. The track is something of a curiosity, with a resonance of strings paired with a full acoustic growl tempered with the tinkling of keys which for some reason put us in mind of Home Alone? Perhaps it’s the sense of threat which underlies this track, not necessarily ominous but dark and resolute, it is a song sung from the guts, not the heart.

Drifting away on a beautifully delicate outré, Katie leaves us flummoxed and crying out for more.