Takotsubo Men – Turn Every Switch EP

Takotsubo Men

Takotsubo Men

Liverpool trio to launch new EP on a new Merseyside label, Getintothis’ Paul Fitzgerald finds all the noise a little scary as Takotsubo Men rise from the ashes of 90s mental rockers, Cecil.

This three-piece, formed from the remnants of 90s Scouse heroes Cecil, bring a lot to the table, for sure. There’s as much drive to the anger as there is anger to the drive of these songs.

Dynamic-tastic, they leap effortlessly from acoustic melodia to full on waves of crashing tsunami riffage. With a sturdy and effortless rhythmic engine, stoked by drummer Stuart Carswell, Paddy Harrison does things to a Fender Jaguar which almost certainly shouldn’t be legal, while stage front is occupied by Ste Williams, a front man of such staggering intensity, he’ll assault microphone stands on your behalf, if you ask him nicely.

Their ridiculously tight and intense set at the recent Smithdown Road Festival left much of the audience open mouthed at the audacious swagger of it all. Ears bled with joy on that warm Sunday evening. They make a massive noise for a three piece, that’s for certain.

Wrapped up tight in all of this lurk some strong songs, great hooks, and well sculptured melodies that can’t be confused with anyone except maybe each other. The 7 inch vinyl single, Turn Every Switch, available on pre-order via new Merseyside-based label Waail Records on 29 June, is a blast.

We open with an almost beatific folky acoustic line, gently lilting its way across the horizon, before the bomb drops, the mushroom cloud goes up, and the mayhem has room to commence. The strength and sheer vigour to Williams‘ impressive vocal, and the tightly ripped power to the whole, giving us only a slight hint as to what the band are capable of in a live setting.

Takotsubo is a type of cardiac stress. Figures.