Livia C covers Otherside: Has there ever been a more scary pop video on the internet?


Livia C – the next big thing, in Quebec

Livia C – or the next Rebecca Black – produces a genuine moment for 2015 in pop.

Meet Livia C. Or Octavie to her mates.

On the face of it, she’s just a regular 21-year-old Quebec resident who by day works in a restaurant. But by night transforms into THE NEW REBECCA BLACK.

Yep, and to prove it, behold her debut video – a cover of everybody’s favourite Mr Nobody, Jason Derulo – yep, the guy who can sing his own name for 57 minutes on repeat.

In what can only be described, as internet gold, Livia C has redefined the boundaries of autotune while producing one of the most extraordinary performances we’ve witnessed in a very long time. Some highlights…

i) Dancing seductively with her three pals.

Livia C - dancing with her pals

Livia C – dancing with her three pals

ii) Meeting a man who quickly ‘eats off her spoon’.

Let the spooning commence

Let the spooning commence

iii) ‘Disturbing the peace…’

The latest M&S Per Una range

The latest M&S Per Una range




v) Quebec’s answer to Simon Cowell enters with a bomb disguised as a champagne bottle.

A million times 'no'.

A million times ‘no’.

vi) Nice cushions.

Just wow.

Eh up

Here’s the video. It’s a ‘where were you when you watched it’ moment.

Here’s a reminder of the original. Which is more compressed, includes a sequence which appears to show Jason enduring a hernia and appears to advocate sexual violence – albeit through the use of a pillow.