Abandon Silence Farewell to The Kazimier Part One: Move D, Space Dimension Controller

Andrew Hill

Andrew Hill

With the closure of the mighty Kazimier looming, the Abandon Silence team began their series of farewell parties with a stellar line up and the addition of a secret new Kazimier room ‘The House of Yeos’. Getintothis’ James Zaremba went to check it out.

Now well into its fifth year, Abandon Silence is still making even deeper inroads into the world of house and techno with their latest offering of Move D and Space Dimension Controller at The Kazimier proving to be no exception.

With almost 2000 people staking their claim to a ticket on the show’s Facebook page and a long-time sold out show it is more than apparent Abandon Silence is in high demand. You need only look at their past line-ups to comprehend their universal level of popularity and the addition of vinyl heavyweight Move D looked to propel this showcase of all things dance into the electronic stratosphere.

Resident and head honcho Andrew Hill began the night with a three hour set of eclectic selections in lieu of Christopher Rau‘s unfortunate absence. The crowd quickly found Hill‘s set more than compensated for the missing German DJ/Producer Rau‘s usual lively style with tracks such as an edit of Salif Keita‘s Madan providing a feel good vibe that held the entire audience magnetised to the music for the rest of the night.

With a flawless disco orientated set at this summer’s Gottwood festival, Move D (David Moufang) has certainly made a name for himself as a man on a musical mission. Releasing records for the past 21 years, Move D has hardly gone a year without a single or album to his name. Playing for just under three hours he explored a galaxy of genres, digging deep into his own catalogue as well as providing some impeccably thought out classics such as Fleetwood Mac‘s Dreams and The StreetsHas it Come to This.

His selections radiated a passion to create a unity between himself and the sell-out Kazimier crowd and with the inclusion of his own deep remix of Acasual‘s Spring Theory he kept the party moving until the early hours. As with a large number of his DJ sets Move D is uploading this one to his SoundCloud account in the coming days.

Whilst little was revealed about the mysterious ‘House of Yeos‘ aside from the acquisition of an unprecedented laser show revellers packed themselves into this cavernous space to hear the cosmic sounds of Space Dimension Controller. On his own Facebook page, and presumably under the influence of what must have been an almighty hangover, Space Dimension Controller expressed that he was “Sorry to anyone who watched me DJ last night in Liverpool. Don’t put me in a room with other people from Belfast”.


However, whilst his comment may be in the context of some questionable mixing and his inadvertent playing of Midnight Star‘s Midas Touch TWICE! His willingness to get as involved in the party as the crowd truly captured the spirit of the Kazimier and most of all, kept people dancing.

With one of the three farewell parties now under their belt the Abandon Silence team are standing in a perfect position to provide the Kazimier with a final goodbye that it so richly deserves. With the addition of an extra room to the venue proving to be a popular new dimension to the night, only time will tell what other surprises Abandon Silence will bring to their concluding parties at this iconic venue.

Tickets for the second Kazimier farewell party with Ame and Optimo on November 6 are on sale now while the final farewell on November 27 is sold out