Introducing: Cut Glass Kings: Drifter

Cut Glass Kings

Cut Glass Kings

With their outstanding debut single Drifter set to drop, Cut Glass Kings tick all the right boxes for Getintothis’ Craig MacDonald.

Brummie upstarts Cut Glass Kings unleash their debut single on Skeleton Key Records next month when they let loose with the brilliant Drifter. Smouldering with hazy fuzz fused guitars it’s a behemoth of a song which instantly pulls you into its fervent rhythm. The fact this is a debut song is startling such is the quality of the track.

Throughout Drifter, there is a distinctively DIY feel to the track with its mono lo-fi feel. This could be explained by the fact the majority of the track was crafted in the groups kitchen.

A filthy underbelly of reverb soaked, atmospheric grinding guitar churns away under a raw edged riff that carries you on its smoky meander. The track finds a melodically brooding beat presiding over the psychedelic suffused accent that flows through Drifter. As the vocals seep into Drifter it takes you away on its current, head first into swirling fumes before reaching a plateau of dream like organ soaked clarity before burrowing down into the murky melody once more.

Although the boys from Cut Glass Kings maybe a fledgling creature they are most definitely ready to take flight if Drifter is anything to go by. The Birmingham three piece are the latest addition to an ever growing talented stock at Skeleton Key Records and will be part of a monstrous line up joining Marvin Powell in supporting their fellow label mates Serpent Power at The Magnet on October 31 as part of the Hometown Halloween Special.