DIY presents The Neu Tour: The Big Moon, VANT, INHEAVEN: The Magnet, Liverpool

The Big Moon

The Big Moon

As three of the countries most promising new bands make their way to The Magnet, Getintothis Craig MacDonald finds a trio of groups at the top of their game.

Liverpool prides itself on being a city that loves music, whether it be creating it or going to see it, music is part and parcel of this place. Sadly, tonight you would think otherwise judging by the size of the audience that comes to see a trio of the best new bands in the country with INHEAVEN, VANT and The Big Moon all playing as part of The Neu Tour. Its a depressing sight that is frustrating given the talent on show.

Thankfully, for those lucky enough to have attended, they find three groups that are at the top of their game. Throughout the tour the London bands have switched the lineup each night so tonight finds the first band up to be the Julian Casablancas endorsed quartet INHEAVEN.

The four-piece kick things off with an almighty bang as they plough into a raucous set filled with intensity and 90’s fuzz galore. On tracks like Bitter Town the ease in which they produce such a monumental noise is stupefying. At points, their melodic pop hooks are aching towards The Pixies, dynamic and filled with intertwining harmonies. A rampaging Regeneration brings their blistering set to a close and based on this evidence it’s easy to see why The Strokes front man is a fan.

Next to hit The Magnet stage are VANT who tell this reviewer that they played an impromptu gig the previous night in someone’s house that drew enough noise complaints that eventually the power was turned off. Tonight is a different story though and there is no chance of such actions taking place again as finally the numbers in the crowd look to be growing.

From the opening boom of the drums, the band are unrelenting in their energy as they set into a relentless barrage of grunge brashness. Bar some shameful work from the sound desk at times, the four lads play a loud, reckless set of rock and roll with banter to match. The scuzz heavy Parking Lot is gut punishingly brilliant. Pure, raw and in your face, had the numbers in the crowd been to the volume the band deserves then there should be uncontrollable moshing but, alas this is not to be.

Writhing around on stage before getting among the crowd, VANT play with real gusto and bolshiness. During their set, they also give an insight into the camaraderie between the three bands as they joke about sharing each others clothes. Its a good job that their love for each other is strong as they manage to tear the drum skin of The Big Moons drums before tonight’s headliners have even taken to the stage.

After the swift repair job, The Big Moon take to the stage and, from the word go, the four girls captivate the whole audience as they ignite The Magnet with their power. The grungey banger Eureka Moment kicks things off as they mean to go on with the group showing why, just like the other bands on the tour, such a fuss is being made about them. They play effortlessly brilliant fuzz coupled with garage pop vocals that creates a deafening sound.

Fitting in a fierce rendition of Madonna’s Beautiful Stranger, the group bring the night to a fitting climax with the punchy Sucker as the addictive song sees the crowds acclaim intensify. All three groups have been on scintillating form, its just such a shame that it wasn’t in front of more people but to those that were lucky enough to be in the audience, in the future they can proclaim that they saw them here first.

Pictures by Getintothis’ Olivia Hayes.