What if Star Wars characters were musicians? From Kanye to Yoda, Darth Vader to Taylor Swift – who’s going hans solo?


Untitled design (4)Ever sat and thought about Star Wars, then thought about music, then thought about musicians as characters in Star Wars? Well, Getintothis’ Jamie Carragher has.

With a new Star Wars film on the horizon, we thought it would be fun to muse the age old question: ‘what if musicians were characters in Star Wars’. Only to then discover that the current crop of big names in the music biz are even more ridiculous than the made up characters of a film franchise about people and creatures who live in space and fight with laser swords.

Here’s who would be who, and why.

Darth Vader: Kanye West

Heavy use of auto-tuner. Chills out in a revolving pod where his head is removed so his brain can let off steam. His offspring have legitimate grounds to attempt patricide.

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Hans Solo: Noel Gallagher

Always ready with a quick one liner. For years he was accompanied everywhere by an inarticulate oaf who suffered from unruly eyebrows. (Sorry, Chewy.)

Untitled design (4)

Obi-Wan Kenobe: Tupac Shakur

One of the first to embrace the possibilities of post-death holograms. May not actually be dead. Might have just left it all behind and set up that soup kitchen like he always said he would.

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Yoda: Bob Dylan

Wise words wrong order all of them. Craggily skin and interesting hair. Willing to do adverts for big dollar.

Untitled design (6)

Luke Skywalker: Jake Bugg

Provincial lad who outgrew his hometown. Will not stop getting darker. Lost a limb in a brawl and now has a roboto hand. Kissed his sister but it’s fine.

Untitled design (7)

Princess Leia: Debbie Harry

Style icon who can eye roll to devastating effect.

 Untitled design (8)

C3PO & R2D2: Simon and Garfunkel

One’s big, one’s small. Small one knows what’s going on, big one trips up a lot. Small one hates the big one and everybody knows it.

Untitled design (9)

Jabba the Hut: CeeLo Green

Poor mobility. Needs subtitles.  Messy eater. Unacceptable attitudes about sex.Untitled design (14)

Mace Windu: Young Fathers

The hipster’s choice.

Untitled design (11)

Anakin Skywalker: Frank Turner

Doth protest way too much. Doth is wooden and boring.

Untitled design (12)

Jar Jar Binks: The Wanted

Made for kids but annoyingly set at a pitch which adults are able to hear.

Untitled design (13)

TIE Fighter Squadron: Pink Floyd

Love a good laser.

Untitled design (15)

Death Star: Taylor Swift

Though entirely evil, it’s hard not to be impressed by the scale of the operation. If provoked, has the capacity to destroy small to medium sized planets. Not afraid to press the trigger.

Untitled design (16)

Millennium Falcon: ACDC

Old piece of heavy metal that no one expected to last this long. Also, the drummer hired a hitman to kill someone and got caught. He’s in prison now. Can you believe that? Crazy. How does one even begin that process? Google ‘I want someone killed and am willing to exchange money for this service I am the drummer from ACDC’?

Untitled design (17)

Jango and Boba Fett: Daft Punk

The headgear. That’s it. Sometimes it’s hard to stretch these comparisons.

Untitled design (18)

Sarlaac: Gene Simmons

(See picture)

Untitled design (19)

Cantina Band: Scouting For Girls

Limited repertoire, ability and charisma. Looking for bookings. That’s also the name of their forthcoming album.

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Can you think of any more? Let us know.