The Sundowners to drop new material for intimate festive Wirral gig

The Sundowners at the Kazimier

The Sundowners at The Kazimier

On the back of an incredible year following the release of their debut LP, Getintothis’ Nathaniel Cummings looks forward to an up-close and personal gig in Hoylake with The Sundowners.

If there was ever a band emblematic of the label to which they’re signed, it’s The Sundowners. The familial knittings of the Skeleton Key roster are evident for everyone to see, and the herd is growing in strength.

The label’s bands and friends have united in the past in political protest – their gig to raise awareness of the toxic fracking industry was prominent in local news, and the show didn’t disappoint. Now, over a year later, The Sundowners have moved to mobilise their troops once more, but this time music is their sole promotion.

Having recently spoken to Niamh and Alfie of the band, one can sense a different aura emanating from Hoylake’s finest, one of confidence and comfort in their self-sustainability – and the venue they’ve chosen for their latest outing is typical of their attention-to-detail. Hoylake Parade Community Centre, actually a converted school building, plays host to what promises to be yet another marquee night for the band.

Why here?‘ you ask. Well, after touring, festivals and album-promotion-galore, The Sundowners have begun to set in motion a plan to host a night more personal to them, with the most delicate of details addressed – it’s what they do best.

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The venue has hosted a resurgence of independent cinema viewings in Hoylake of late. It’s right on the waterfront and it has never hosted a gig of this magnitude before – we have the makings of a homely, rustic, evocative evening in store. We fully expect the setting to harbour new-found energy in the band, with the promise of the best of their eponymous début LP, along with new material, there’s sure to be plenty of ear-candy for those attending.

The bands they’ve chosen to join them have also evolved significantly in stature since their last local shows;
She Drew The Gun, fresh from a full European tour with Fink, provide the main pillar of support, Marvin Powell‘s popularity is noticeably increasing weekly following plays on Radio One and Radio 6, and the Mysterines prop-up the bill as The Sundowners display further their support for the newest of music. With James Skelly and Johnny Thieves set to spin the night to a close – great tunes are guaranteed.

With The Sundowners at their strongest, playing at a venue so tailored to themselves, with their friends at their side AND on home turf…you’d have to be a madman to miss it. Get your tickets here.

The Sundowners perform at Hoylake Parade on December 12.