House of Black Lanterns – exclusive GITmix:001


HOBLpressA4With Getintothis’ dance-music coverage increasing at an exponential rate, Ste Knight presents an exclusive mix by House of Black Lanterns, the first in our GITmix series.

Each and every fan of Ninja Tune‘s turntable tricknology, or Warp Records‘ leftfield dance leanings, should be familiar with the work of Dylan Richards, recently going under the moniker House of Black Lanterns. If not then perhaps you need reminding that his killer Way of The Ninja mix under his King Cannibal guise was probably one of the best mixes to come out of the Ninja stable.

The record was not only a real lesson in mixcraft. 250 tracks in 74 minutes is no mean feat, yet Richards managed it with ease, and the result is nothing short of monumental.

He’s managed it again with our GITmix, seguing 47 tracks into 45 minutes, so prepare to have your little sockies blown clean off your feet. The mix features a blend of styles, from techno, through electro with a quick stop in Baltimore for some bass-related fun.

Dylan also collaborated with Buddy Peace, as Zilla, on Warp Records, in order to curate their Watch and Repeat Play promo mix.

Of late, though, Dylan has been releasing tracks under his House of Black Lanterns name. The tracks he produces as HoBL are very much dub-infused techno beasts, growling and snarling at the listener as they breathe and emanate an organic energy. Check out his most recent offering, You Were Telling Me of Mountains, which you can purchase via his bandcamp page.

Check out our jukebox too, for all-sorts of body movers.

He recently produced a track for Houndstooth‘s new Tessellations compilation. The record is available as of February 26, but keep your eyes peeled on these pages as we’ll have three copies to give away in our next Footsteps on the Decks column.

Without further ado, we are delighted to present to you, our dear readers, a fully exclusive mix from the man HoBL, the first in (hopefully) a long-running series of mixes curated an array of talented, well-known and well-respected artists from all four corners of the globe.