The Sherlocks, April, Isrights: Arts Club, Liverpool

The Sherlocks

The Sherlocks

No album out, no radio airplay but a hell of a lot of buzz, Getintothis’ Nathan Scally had to go and see what The Sherlocks were all about.

Now, you may or may not have heard of a new up-and-coming Sheffield band called The Sherlocks. Another one of music’s worst kept secrets. Having not yet released an album, given very limited airplay and no major exposure – these young lads have continued to defy the odds and sell the vast majority, if not all, of the tickets completely.

Arts Club has held host to many a recognised name since reopening back in 2014, Foals and Paul Weller to name just two. Definitely not a venue for amateurs. On this specific night the building is full, of both anticipation and excited huddled bodies. A whole spectrum of ages are in attendance, evidence to their success so far across the nation.

Support acts Isrights and April enjoy a decent sized crowd early on in the night. April, are both visually and audibly very Britpop inspired. Their set is almost like a tour through 90’s guitar bands, with a specific sprinkling of Stone Roses in the riffs to accompany the Tim Burgess style vocals.

Soon after, the main event grace the stage to high acclaim from the punters. The atmosphere explodes from the dedicated set of fans fighting to get in front of each other. Bursting into song at every opportunity. Not many tracks are readily available, nonetheless, each song is rebounded back at the pair of brothers, each lyric clearer than the last.

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It’s clear to see, The Sherlocks are a product of fellow northerners Courteeners brand of raucous guitars and realistic lyrics. Although years of age and the Pennines separate the two band, clear comparisons can be drawn between these indie-rock groups. From the top of the vocals all the way down to the bottom of the bass drum.

What The Sherlocks may lack in experience, they make up for ten-fold with stage presence and raw energy. The horde of fans shaking the room feed off the rampant performance and throw all they have back in admiration.

Finalising the set is single Chasing Shadows, everything is left on the stage as they aim to close out each gig even better than the last. Security struggle to clear the room as the band move over to the merch stand in order to meet the large queue of fans, all eager to share their thoughts on the performance and get a picture.

The Sherlocks are surrounded by a huge cloud of buzz, only time will tell if their debut album can live up to the hype. Each gig adds to the talent they’re so obviously holding, and will most likely grow bigger and bigger with years to come.


Pictures by Getintothis’ Tom Adam