Introducing: I See Rivers



I See Rivers 1

I See Rivers

I See Rivers are the latest band to glide elegantly through the genre of emo-folk and they are on the cusp of breaking through and receiving some overdue recognition, Getintothis’ Mike Stanton gets the lowdown.

I See Rivers hail from Norway but are now Liverpool based and studying at LIPA. Consisting of Eline Brun, Gøril Nilsen and Lill Scheie they produce mellow, melodic float-folk with a late-night, low-light vibe.

Evoking the baroque harmonic jams of Fleet Foxes they weave melancholic and downtempo songs with paired-back arrangements and beautifully crafted soundscapes. Full of atmosphere and textured depth each song shimmers with emotional warmth and subtle power.

There are hints of traditional song writing running through their compositions, encompassing genres such as Nordic folk, Gregorian and baroque giving their sound an ageless quality. As such, this familiar feel infuses each composition with a warm and nostalgic aura. You could describe this as perfect mood music, quietly and comfortably floating on the ebb and flow of tidal emotions.

The hype machine is about to kick into action for this trio and it’s not hard to see why. Festivals up and down the country and across Europe will undoubtedly be graced by their distinctive folk stylings. It is only a matter of time before their dream-like, harmony-rich sound is given wider exposure.