Loved Ones, Lying Bastards, James Canty, L U M E N – Buyers Club, Liverpool

Loved Ones

Loved Ones

As Evol ventured into the Buyers Club for the first time for the return of Loved Ones, Getintothis’ Zach Jones is treated to a foursome of fiercely talented acts. 

After an extended absence it is on a sunny Merseyside night that Wirral’s Loved Ones re-appear in all their glory at Hardman Street’s Buyers Club. The previous GIT Award winners are back with new material, a new drummer and new enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is something tonight’s opener L U M E N has plenty of. The solo youngster, also a GIT Award nominee, tears through a set of poppy hits with the nervous energy of Kanye West in a hall of mirrors. The material ranges from obvious nods to surf-pop to more electronic driven bass heavy hits, and with nods from the crowd it all goes down a treat. The only criticism could be the delivery, songs that could easily be massive summer anthems fall slightly flat as a backing track. A full band could offer so much, and turn L U M E N from a potential hit into a big one.

With the last squeals of guitar pop barely fading away James Canty wastes no time taking to the stage. He may very well be the most charming artist to ever grace the microphone, and as he politely asks the crowd for their favorite Robbie Williams song, we all had to stop ourselves shouting ‘Let me Entertain You‘. We never did find out which one he was searching for. His songs have a soul to them, and you barely notice the crowd swelling as you are drawn into his hypnotic mumblings.

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Lying Bastards have all the charm of being unexpectedly punched. As they tear through their set, it’s the wake up the audience were waiting for. The bands last show before jetting off to Japan they roar their way through a tight set of garagey jangles, and pumped up rock n roll. They’re band that have put a stamp on 2016 as their year, and their momentum shows little signs of stopping as they power their way through the summer months.

Loved Ones may be a slight change of pace, but it’s them everyone is here to see. It is a testament to them to finally return with such composure and quality. Over the sea of heads Buyers Club sets the scene of a potential show of the year. Their new material is truly fantastic and shows that sometimes simple songs written honestly can have the greatest impact. We live in a world where everyone is trying to be someone else, and sometimes the purpose of writing music is lost in that. Loved Ones music speaks with such an authenticity that it is a genuine pleasure to watch. The new line up, new material and new enthusiasm has only amplified all the traits that made them such an incredible band in the first place. Viva Loved Ones.

Photo’s by Getintothis’ Vicky Pea