Lying Bastards sign to Fly On The Wall Records & reveal next single Youth and Old Age

Lying Bastards

Lying Bastards

As Fly On The Wall Records snap up one of Liverpool’s most exciting new acts, Getintothis’ Vicky Pea gets familiar with her asterisk key. 

It was only a matter of time! Following on from their appearance at the latest in Fly On The Wall’s series of impressive showcases at Leaf, several show stealing support sets from across the city and a much talked about performance at Threshold Festival to their name, the Lying Bastards have officially signed their first record deal with Fly On The Wall Records.

The announcement comes as the band reveal details of their new single, Youth and Old Age, set to be released on May 27 via their newly acquired label – you can listen to an exclusive preview of the track below.

Lying B*st*rds added to 2016 Liverpool Calling line up set for Camp and Furnace

The news marks a key moment in what is becoming exciting time for the band as they prepare to embark on a short tour of Tokyo, fittingly on the back of the success of their first single, Head to Tokyo. A statement from FOTW Records, who add the band to an exciting roster that includes Paddy Clegg‘s Bad Habits and Polar States, reflects the buzz surrounding the Bastards future as we’re told to “sit back and wait as what these lads have will blow your mind!

Don’t fancy the flight to Tokyo? Well luckily you can still catch them closer to home this week as Lying Bastards support Loved Ones this Tuesday at the Buyers Club.

Youth and Old Age

Youth and Old Age Artwork